High performance leadership development

High performance leadership development Why bother to develop leaders?

Well for a start they account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement. Not to mention that 50% of those who leave a company do so because they want to get away from their boss.

Never before has there been a more important time to get leadership right.

At Motivational Leadership we use Liberating Leadership® a proven and award-winning approach to leading and developing high performance. The Liberating Leadership® process is based on 25 years of research and testing and includes tools, which together, act as a blueprint for managing people.

Push pull



Our practical programme enables leaders to move from a transactional push style of leadership to a transformational pull style.This is a style which will deliver sustainable improvements to the bottom-line. Leaders will learn how to connect their self-awareness to the impact they have on their organisation.



Leaders participating in this programme will:

  • Be shown how to develop the mindset of a high-performance leader;
  • Build vital skills to deliver better business performance through people;
  • Understand how to harness the natural drive and motivations of their team in a sustainable way.

Results organisations can expect from this programme include:

  • Reduced staff turnover;
  • Reduced absenteeism;
  • Reduced spend on recruitment;
  • Increased staff retention;
  • Increased morale;
  • Increased employer and product reputation;
  • Increased ability to manage changes;