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We are a leadership development consultancy

We are a team of coaches, trainers and facilitators driven to inspire a generation to ignite and sustain the talents of both themselves and those around them. We enable people to make a positive contribution by powerfully combining both motivation and leadership in organisations.   

We work alongside leaders who are passionate about creating sustainable change in their organisations. We do this by helping shape and strengthen organisational culture and aligning key behaviours to core values. To achieve this, we build employee engagement and generate commitment across everyone in the organisation. We demonstrate and deliver culture change to drive the business forward, fostering employee engagement and inciting passion across all levels, so that everyone feels committed to the same outcomes.   

Employee engagement Foster employee engagement

Want to incorporate motivation focused interventions in the area of engagement? Find out more on employee engagement.

Culture change Facilitate culture change

Want to understand what is driving your current culture and how to shift the dial of your organisation in the right way? Find out more on facilitating culture change.

High performance leadership development

Want to develop your own leadership capabilities or those of your team? Find out how to create high performance leaders.

Team development High performance team development

Want your team to achieve high performance quickly and impactfully? Find out how to create high performance teams.

Accreditation Motivational Maps

We help L&D professionals become accredited in Motivational Maps® in their own organisation. Find out about our Motivational Maps® accreditation.

We have an experienced team of trainers, facilitators and coaches who can help you increase motivation in your workplace and lead your business to greater heights.

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Take control of your working day; Be deliberate

Take control of your working day; Be deliberate

We can often find ourselves sleepwalking through our working day. We do the same commute, sit at the same desk and get on with the same work. Every day, Monday to Friday, nine till five. As such, progression and purpose, both personally and professionally, can seem like a far-off goal. But simple changes to your everyday life and your business mindset can help you become the person…

A real conundrum

A real conundrum

We were recently faced with this conundrum from a public sector employee and thought it might be nice if we shared the advice we provided in response.  

Meeting the motivations of your team if you all work remotely

Meeting the motivations of your team if you all work remotely

Getting to know and meeting the requirements of your team members can feel particularly tricky when working as part of a remote team. However, it is possible providing you have meaningful and explicit conversations with your team about what truly drives them.

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