Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps

What are Motivational Maps®? 

Motivational Maps enable a manager or leader to understand what specifically motivates people in their team and what level of motivation is present.  They provide a safe and effective language for driving up motivation levels through providing targeted rewards and solutions.

By having a shared language around motivation, Maps enable teams to get to the heart of what is driving their performance and to understand why the individuals in the team do what they do.

By having a clear metric on motivation, Maps moves motivation from an intangible, but nevertheless critical aspect of performance, to being a hard measure; one which will help leaders deliver sustainable high performance and happier workplaces.

Motivational Maps are based on compelling and original research into motivation and performance – intellectual property which gives organisations using it a real competitive advantage.

To date over 30000 Maps have been completed in a wide range of market sectors. Motivational Maps is an ISO accredited tool which assures the robustness of the tool.

Easy, Accurate, Useful

92% of users of Motivational Maps reported that they were easy to use.95% said they accurately reported their motivators and 97% said the information in their Map was useful.

Why is Motivation vital?

The evidence shows that when we feel motivated, apply the right skills and harness this in the right direction, productivity increases. And when the tasks we do feel effortless, they don’t cost us energy but rather refuel us. In other words, we tap into a renewable, sustainable way of driving up performance and productivity in the workplace.

We also know that when people enjoy their job and so apply their skills in the right direction, they deliver higher quality because they care about the outcomes. They are also less likely to leave the organisation because they feel committed to it.

People who understand their own Motivators and those of the people they work with, are better able to understand where and why tensions may exist in teams and how to resolve these tensions. They are better able to play to their strengths, individually and collectively.  Finally, a team is able to know what is driving their team and what may be holding them back.

Our model of choice for identifying, measuring and driving up levels of motivation is Motivational Maps, created by James Sale.

How to use Motivational Maps®

It takes around 15 minutes for the individual to complete an online questionnaire. They then receive a full 13 page report on what motivates them, what doesn’t, and how motivated they are. This report is both practical and revealing, as most individuals have little idea about what really motivates them.

The data from individual Maps can be collated to produce Team Maps and Organisational Maps to help build on the strengths of everyone working together.

To find out more about how Motivational Maps work for individuals and teams, you can download our factsheet

For examples of how organisations have used Motivational Maps, you can view case studies for Ordnance Survey and Liverpool Victoria

To gain the full benefit of Maps, they need to be administered by an Accredited Practitioner. Either our team can deliver Maps to your people on your behalf as part of one of our programmes, or you can become an Accredited Practitioner. 

How are Motivational Maps different to other tools?
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