Terms and Conditions


1 Contract Terms

1.1 Definitions: In these terms and conditions

1.1.1 “we”, “us” and “our” means Motivational Leadership Limited;

1.2.1 the “Service” means the service that you have ordered from us as set out in the service description or other agreed document.

1.2 We agree to provide services to you on the following terms and conditions. These constitute a contract between us and must be read in conjunction with any other documents pertaining to this contract. Any other terms and conditions contained in any other documents are excluded unless their inclusion is expressly agreed in writing by us.

2 Service

2.1 Where we quote a charge for the Service to you, that charge shall remain open for acceptance by you within the following 30 days.

2.2 When you order the Service from us you have the right to withdraw your instruction, without charge, at any time within seven days afterwards. This right will cease, however, if we start work with your consent within that time.

2.3 We will aim to provide the Service to you in accordance with an agreed programme. Any deviation from the programme due to unforeseen circumstances will be negotiated and agreed by contract amendment.

Cancellation or re-scheduling charges will be applied as follows:

Training and Consultancy Programmes:

More than 6 weeks notice; no charge
1-6 weeks notice; 50% payable
Less than 1 week; 100% payable
Where programmes are re-scheduled more than once we reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee for each date change regardless of the notice period.

Coaching Programmes:

We reserve the right to charge a re-scheduling fee in order to dissuade all but the most pressing need to change the session time, as follows:
Within 2 days of a session; 75% charge

Where costs have been incurred in preparation for the programme such as, but not exclusively for, Insights Discovery® Profiles and Motivational Maps® and a programme is cancelled or re-scheduled or there is a change of delegate, charges for such items will be applied in full.

2.4 Where we provide as part of our Service an assessment, guidance or recommend solutions to a company it is done in an advisory way; the decision to act rests solely with your directors.

3 Payment

3.1 You must pay the charges which are notified to you by us for the Service once those charges have been accepted.

3.2 Our terms of payment are stated on the invoice. In the event of late payment we reserve the right to charge Statutory Interest on the outstanding balance.

3.3 All charges for the Service are exclusive of any applicable VAT or other tax, which will be added to our invoices sent to you as appropriate.

4 Your Obligations

You agree that you will:

4.1 co-operate fully with us in relation to the provision of the Service; and

4.2 promptly give us such information and documents as we may reasonably request for the proper and efficient provision of the Service

5 Our Obligations

We agree that we will:

5.1 provide the Service with reasonable skill and care;

5.2 keep confidential any confidential information that you provide to us;

5.3 provide adequate security in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 for any data that you provide to us; and

5.4 act only in accordance with your instructions in relation to any data that you provide to us.

6 Complaints

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our Service please advise us at the earliest opportunity. We will acknowledge in writing or by email and maintain records of all complaints received and take every reasonable action to resolve the problem.

7 Electronic Mail Policy

We routinely communicate using email unless we have been specifically requested not to do so. Our policy is to keep the amount of physical (hard-copy) material created and stored to a necessary minimum. We shall regularly check our IT systems using recognized anti-virus software and endeavour to prevent the transmission to you of known viruses.

8 Termination

We reserve the right to terminate this contract if you breach any term herein.

9 Force Majeure

We are not liable for any breach of contract caused by matters beyond our reasonable control.

10 General

10.1 Neither you nor we are entitled to transfer or assign this contract without the other’s prior written consent.

10.2 This contract excludes and/or supersedes any previous statements or agreements between us whether written or oral relating to the provision of the Service

10.3 This contract shall be governed by the laws of England.