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The world has changed. And leadership is changing too.

We are a team of coaches and facilitators driven to inspire a generation to ignite and sustain the talents of both themselves and those around them to deliver high performance. And we do this by harnessing motivation - the invisible energy that drives success. 

We have seen too many people 'digging deep' and 'pushing through' in organisations in order to achieve targets and deadlines. It is time to put humanity back into how work is done. It is time to change the human experience of work. 

We enable people to make a positive contribution by powerfully combining both motivation and leadership in organisations. We know that by improving well-being and happiness at work, and increasing the sense of ownership and responsibility every person has at work, people are able to show up fully. They commit wholeheartedly to outcomes. This drives up performance, productivity and the return on investment. It is a win:win. 

Harness the motivation of your teams

Want to know what motivates your people and how to harness it to bring about sustainable change? Find out more on CREATE motivation.

Employee engagement Improve the human experience of work

Want to incorporate motivation focused interventions in the area of engagement and human experience? Find out more on employee engagement.


Culture change Facilitate culture change

Want to understand what is driving your current culture and how to shift the dial of your organisation in the right way? Find out more on facilitating culture change.


High performance leadership development

Want to develop your own leadership capabilities or those of your team? Find out how to create high performance leaders.


Team development High performance team development

Want your team to achieve high performance quickly and impactfully? Find out how to create high performance teams.


Accreditation Motivational Maps

We help people become accredited in Motivational Maps® in their own organisation. Find out about our Motivational Maps® accreditation.


Find out how to harness motivation to deliver improved profitability and greater purpose in our new video


We have an experienced team of trainers, facilitators and coaches who can help you increase motivation in your workplace and lead your business to greater heights.

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Working smarter towards a ‘New Better’

Working smarter towards a ‘New Better’

Everyone’s been talking about a ‘new normal’, but I like to think about the ‘New Better’. And one area where I think we can make a real difference towards the ‘New Better’ is in the way we develop teams. There is no doubt we need to develop teams. Having initially coped through the early days of the pandemic, leaders are now adjusting to how…

Dig out that old psychometric profile test from the bottom drawer

Dig out that old psychometric profile test from the bottom drawer

One of the popular questions readers of my book CREATE Motivation have been asking is about how they can put the pieces of their leadership ‘jigsaw’ together in order to powerfully stand in their place of ‘Current Reality’ and/or ‘Envision’ their future. I see this question best answered through the three distinctions I make about the What,…

Your free extract from my new book CREATE Motivation; How did we get here?

Your free extract from my new book CREATE Motivation; How did we get here?

“How did we get here?”… These are the opening words of my new book, CREATE Motivation. Certainly, these words seem more relevant and poignant than ever before due to the challenging times we are all facing right now. Take a read of this free extract from my book. I hope you enjoy it.

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